A brief history of the Lodge of Fellowship 6707

The Warrant of the Lodge was granted on 2nd June 1948 and the Concecration ceremony took place at The Masonic Hall,Kings Heath on September 3rd 1948.

The first regular meeting of the lodge was on Wednesday 20th October 1948 where six joining members were proposed,balloted for and accepted. Leslie Henry Challinor became the first initiate and was subsequently installed as Master of the Lodge in 1958,needless to say the first of many.

Sadly all the founders together with Worshipful Brother Challinor have since passed on to The Grand Lodge Above....


W.Bro.V.L.Dales, W.Bro.H.E.Clive, W.Bro.A.E.Inwood

W.Bro.S.F.Smith, W.Bro.T.E.Thornton, W.Bro.S.Morris

W.Bro.W.C.Aspinall, W.Bro.G.Ballie, W.Bro.P.B.Colver

W.Bro.J.T.Watkins, W.Bro.P.B.Cox,                 


From 1948 the meetings were held at premises on the corner of Lyndon Road and Station Road in Stechford. In 1972 the Lodge moved to premises on the corner of Bordesley Green and Richmond Road, also in Stechford, which was formerly the YWCA. The building was then adapted for Masonic purposes and many lodges occupied the site until April 2011.         

During the summer break of 2011, the Lodge of Fellowship moved to Moseley Masonic Hall in Kings Heath.