A description of the Lodge Banner 

The Lodge Banner was designed by Bro.F.L.Lancaster, one of the first six joining members who became Master Of the Lodge in 1956. The design first appeared as the Lodge crest on the summons for the 14th meeting held on the 19th April 1950. The banner itself was then embroided at a cost of £75.00 and was consecrated at the Regular Lodge meeting on the 19th December 1951.

The Lodge Banner design shows 26 hands depicting those of the 13 founders, clasped in a bond of eternal fellowship. Within this loving circle are the two great pillars, supporting a catenarian arch bearing the name of the Lodge of Fellowship. Between the bases of the pillars is the Lodge number 6707, below which appears the Square and Compasses.

Within the pillars are depicted a white-collar worker and an artisan, standing on a black and white chequered floor and clasping hands above a pedestal on which rests the Volume of the Sacred Law, and on which the Square and Compasses are engraved. Above their heads is the White Dove of Peace descending from irradiated clouds. The motto of the Lodge "Dei memor et amicis" appears below the loving circle and records show that the interpretation placed on this by the founders was "Mindful of God and Friends".              

It has since had extensive restoration work painstakingly carried out by W.Bro.N.G.Howe and his family, with much appreciation from all the current members of the Lodge.